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NASA's Earth Now mobile app shows the latest data from the agency's Earth-observing satellite fleet on your phone or tablet. Track storms and weather with the "Visible Earth" vital sign, use "Carbon Monoxide" to hunt for forest fires and volcanic eruptions, and more. Tap a satellite to view its 3D model and access its related data. Learn more with the "Details" button or see trends by playing an animated data sequence.

Earth Now Privacy Policy


Versions 2.7 & earlier of Earth Now accesseslocation information but do not store or transmit any information accessed.

Versions 2.11 & later of Earth Now do not access location information.

Earth Now does not collect any PII or any information that could be used to identify a user or a device.

For more information, see the Caltech/JPL Privacy Policies.

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NASA's Earth Now - Vital Signs of the Planet
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