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Are we alone in the universe? You’re not alone if you want to find out!

Image of the universe with a string of 1's and 0's going into the distance
Help search for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations! (Credit: UCLA SETI and Yuri Beletsky)

This Valentine's Day, fall in love with science! Join the new NASA project called “Are we alone in the universe?” and help scientists find signs of extraterrestrial intelligence! UCLA SETI is observing thousands of stars at radio wavelengths to search for signals made by extraterrestrials. They need your help to sort through the data.

No special training or education is needed to participate. After watching a brief tutorial, you’ll look at an image of a radio signal and answer a basic question about what you see. Then you’ll select the image that most closely resembles the signal. Your work will help train artificial intelligence algorithms to identify signals made by intelligent life.

“Humankind’s most profound discovery could be a few clicks away,” said doctoral student Megan Li, who works on the project.

Are We Alone In the Universe was built by UCLA SETI on the Zooniverse platform with funding from The Planetary Society and the NASA Citizen Science Seed Funding Program. Snuggle up with a sweetheart—or just a laptop—and go to arewealone.earth to join the search!

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