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Be a Solar Active Region Spotter!

An image of the sun's atmosphere which has green eruptive areas on it. Overlaying the sun is an illustration of a crosshairs with a white center filled with red and purple dots representing data. The text Solar Active Region Spotter follows the arc of the top hemisphere of the sun.
Want to help unravel the Sun’s secrets? Come track sprawling magnetic fields as they rotate across the Sun! (Credit: Emily Mason/NASA)

“Active regions” are large concentrations of magnetic field on the Sun, home to dramatic phenomena such as solar flares that can affect the Earth and other planets. Scientists need your help tracking these active regions as they return from their trip around the Sun’s far side. Try the new NASA-funded "Solar Active Region Spotter" project on the Zooniverse platform, and you’ll help unlock nearly a decade's worth of imagery from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory!

“Since we lack far-side observations of the Sun, active regions disappear from view as the Sun rotates,” said Dr. Emily Mason. “That’s a challenge for researchers, who have to expend a lot of effort determining the identity of each active region for long-term studies.”

At "Solar Active Region Spotter" you'll view images showing two active regions as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Your answers to three simple questions will indicate whether the pair is in fact the same region.

Join the project---and help us understand our nearest star!

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