Geospace Dynamics Constellation

Public Comments

All comments by the public for the STDT’s consideration should be sent to Jared Leisner, GDC Program Scientist, at . By sending a public comment to the STDT, the submitter acknowledges that their comments may be made public and published, in part or in whole, by NASA. NASA requests that comments be submitted as PDFs that follow standard formatting practices and are no more than 5 pages in length. Individuals are not restricted from submitting multiple comments but are requested to keep comments focused so as to aid in the STDT’s consideration of them.

As part of the STDT process, as described in the STDT guidelines, comments submitted to the STDT will be subject to redaction before they are conveyed to the STDT. NASA intends to convey, in part or in whole, all public comments within the scientific, technical, and programmatic scope of the STDT’s charge. In instances where the entirety of a public comment is material not to be considered by the STDT, NASA will not convey the comment.

The submission of a public comment does not guarantee that the STDT will incorporate its contents into the latter’s discussions. Public comments submitted after the end of an open comment period are not guaranteed to be conveyed to the STDT. NASA does not intend to respond to public comments, including to disclosure how much, if any, of the comment was redacted before conveyance to the STDT. Public comments submitted to the STDT in their redacted form will be posted on the documents and reports page.

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