Heliophysics Data

Heliophysics research seeks to understand the nature and dynamic interactions of the Sun, the heliosphere, and the plasma environments of the planets and interstellar space. This research relies on observations – as well as models based on such observations – from a fleet of strategically placed NASA spacecraft, known as the Heliophysics System Observatory (HSO). The data from these missions are publicly available through the Heliophysics Data Portal. The collection of this data, along with related documentation, tools, and services is termed the Heliophysics Digital Resource Library, or the HDRL.

Heliophysics data are managed and curated in two archives, the Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) and the Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF). SDAC mainly archives solar science and remote sensing data. SPDF archives all ionosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere (ITM), magnetosphere, and heliosphere mission science (i.e., in-situ data).

These datasets can be integrated with the physical models that are found at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC). Connecting the modeling capabilities from the CCMC with the Heliophysics System Observatory data provides the foundation not only for obtaining new science, but also brings us one step closer to providing the predictive capabilities needed for forecasting space weather.

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