We Leverage

We Leverage Partnerships

The SciAct program efficiently extends its reach through strategic partnerships with community-based and audience-focused organizations that support institutional, state, and local efforts. Each awardee selects and develops those relationships that help them best achieve their objectives and meet the needs of diverse learners. Since the beginning of the SciAct program in 2016, these partnerships have increased by 20%.


Across Disciplines

Because the chosen partners vary by discipline and audience focus, the Science Activation program also encourages internal collaboration. By working together, the program is able to effectively connect the breadth of NASA’s science content and experts to learners across the continental US and into Alaska.


Within Our Teams

NASA SciAct supports dynamic and deep collaborations across SciAct teams (shown in blue), infrastructure partners (shown in green), and among the two types of teams (shown in orange). These cross-collaborations extend the reach and impact of projects across the portfolio. Explore these collaborations in this interactive representation.