This map shows subject matter experts in NASA Science topics of planetary science, astrophysics, Earth science, and heliophysics. Experts can submit an application to be shown on this map. By volunteering, you can join us in our efforts to engage the public for various science engagement opportunities. When you sign up, your information will be put into a database, including this map, so when someone comes to the NASA Science website looking for an expert, he or she can find you and decide if your expertise is what they need for their engagement activities.

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Subject Matter Experts

92 result(s)

Vivian White

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Area of Expertise: Informal education, free choice learning, toolkit/activity design

Rae Ostman

Arizona State University

Area of Expertise: NISENet

Paul Martin

Arizona State University

Area of Expertise: NISENet

Prof. Ali Bramson

Purdue University

Area of Expertise: ice on Mars, surfaces of planets, working with spacecraft data, my career path, being a woman in science

Stephanie Suarez

University of Houston

Area of Expertise: Technical: Martian Meteorites, Meteorites, Martian Magmatism and Volcanism, General Mars info, Geology specifically petrology, geochemistry, geochronology but can cover other topics upon request Nontechnical: being a latina in the geosciences, being first generation, general mentoring

Dr. Graham Lau

Blue Marble Space

Area of Expertise: astrobiology, planetary science, meteorites, chemistry, the Arctic, weird living things on Earth, and general science topics

Dr Kimberley Miner

University of Maine

Area of Expertise: Earth science, climate change, environmental chemistry, pollution, field work

Zahra Khan


Area of Expertise: System engineering; Space systems; Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing; Air Traffic Control; General aerospace engineering; Women in Engineering; Navigating getting a job as an international student

Alessondra Springmann

University of Arizona

Area of Expertise: Planetary science, asteroids, Arecibo Observatory

Steven Vance

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Area of Expertise: Astrobiology of Water-Rock Interactions Through the Solar System; Europa Clipper; Ocean Worlds