Jan 29, 2019

Amendments 50-55 Many ROSES-18 Proposal Due Dates Temporarily TBD

Consistent with our commitment to compensate proposers for time lost during the partial government shutdown, all ROSES-2018 proposal due dates that were to have occurred before March 29, 2019 have been temporarily changed to "TBD" in the tables of due dates. New due dates for these programs will be specified over the coming weeks, but no (full and Step-2) proposal due dates will occur prior to March 29, 2019. Please note that the date of 4/29/2019 you may see in NSPIRES for any of these delayed programs is NOT a new due date; NSPIRES cannot accommodate a date of TBD and 4/29/19 is the current close date of ROSES-18 as a whole.

All programs whose dates have been changed to TBD via amendments 50-55 can be seen on Table 2 or Table 3 of ROSES-18. New due dates will be posted over the coming week or two.

Questions concerning individual program elements may be directed to the individuals listed at  and questions about this amendment may be directed to