Program Officers List

Scroll down the entire list below, starting with Astrophysics and moving through each Division, or jump to the Division of choice through the links at the top of the table. Cant find a person or a program on the list below? Please contact the R&A Lead of the relevant Division or contact the Science Mission Directorate R&A Lead Max Bernstein at max.bernstein or Deputy R&A Lead Christina Richey at christina.r.richey

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Astrophysics Programs

Programs Related to Astrophysics Missions

Astrophysics Strategic Astrophysics Technology Programs

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Earth Science Programs

-- Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE) --

-- Climate Variability & Change (CVC) --

-- Water and Energy Cycle (WEC) --

  • Water and Energy Cycle (WEC) - Focus Area Lead: , email: jared.k.entin , phone: 202-358-0275
  • NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study: Jared Entin, email: jared.k.entin , phone: 202-358-0275
  • Terrestrial Hydrology: Jared Entin, email: jared.k.entin , phone: 202-358-0275
  • Atmospheric Dynamics: Ramesh Kakar, email: ramesh.k.kakar , phone: 202-358-0240
  • Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) Science Definition Team: Jared Entin, email: jared.k.entin , phone: 202-358-0275

-- Atmospheric Composition (AC) --

-- Earth Surface and Interior (ESI) --

-- Interdisciplinary Science --

-- Weather --

Applied Sciences: Earth Science Applications

Applied Science: Capacity Building

Earth Science Technology

  • Advanced Component Technology: George Komar, email:george.komar, phone 301-286-0007
  • In-space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST): Pamela Millar, email: pamela.s.millar 301-286-0016
  • Advanced Information Systems Technology: Michael M Little, email: m.m.little, phone:  301-286-7404
  • Instrument Incubator: Parminder Ghuman, email: p.ghuman, phone:  301-286-8001


Airborne Science

Data Systems

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Cross Division Programs

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Heliophysics Programs

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Planetary Science Programs

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