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C.4 Planetary Science Data Archiving program will not include tools starting in ROSES-2022.

In response to recommendations from the Planetary Data Ecosystem Independent Review Board, Planetary Science Division will be changing its process to fund tools. Though they continue to be in scope for C.4 Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART) this year in ROSES-2021, "Tools" will not be solicited by C.4 (renamed PDAR) in ROSES-2022. A novel approach to Tools is anticipated in ROSES-2023. Proposals that include Tools may be submitted in response to C.4 PDART in ROSES-2021 until March 29, 2022.

A notice conveying this advance warning that "Tools" will not be solicited as part of C.4 in ROSES-2022 has been added to ROSES-2021 C.4 PDART. No more information about ROSES-2022 C.4 PDAR is available at this time.

Questions regarding C.4 PDART may be directed to the new POC, Doris Daou, via HQ-PDART@mail.nasa.gov.



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Sep 05, 2023
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