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New Heliophysics OSDMP template for ROSES-2023

As you may know, the requirements for archiving of data, software, and publications have been strengthened in ROSES-2023. This is described in Section 1.6 of B.1 The Heliophysics Research Program Overview.

For the convenience of proposers to Heliophysics program elements (in Appendix B) a docx version of the Heliophysics template for the "Open Science and Data Management Plan" (OSDMP) formerly known as the Data Management Plan is provided as a word doc.

For more information on the OSDMP please refer to the new SMD Open-Source Science Guidance at http://science.nasa.gov/oss-guidance.

General questions concerning the OSDMP may be directed to HQ-SMD-SPD41@mail.nasa.gov, but questions regarding the Heliophysics division OSDMP template should be directed to Patrick Koehn patrick.koehn@nasa.gov and Brian Thomas brian.a.thomas@nasa.gov.



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Sep 11, 2023
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