Astronaut Alfred Worden Floats in Space Outside Spacecraft During EVA

Astronaut floating in space outside spacecraft
July 9, 2018
Historical DateAugust 5, 1971
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Astronaut Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot of the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission, floats in space outside the spacecraft during his trans-Earth extravehicular activity (EVA). This photograph was taken from a frame of motion picture film exposed by the 16mm Maurer camera mounted in the hatch of the Command Module (CM). During his EVA, Worden made an inspection of the Service Module's (SM) Scientific Instrument Module (SIM) bay and retrieved the film cassettes from the Panoramic Camera and the Mapping Camera. The SIM bay holds eight orbital science experiments. The EVA occurred when the spacecraft was homeward bound approximately 171,000 nautical miles from Earth.