Cassini by the Numbers: 2014

Graphic showing trivia about the Cassini Mission.
June 12, 2014
CreditNASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech
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The Cassini spacecraft has logged some impressive numbers in the 10 years since it arrived at Saturn. This infographic offers a snapshot of just a few of the mission's big numbers as it heads into its final years of science at Saturn.

Cassini: 10 Years at Saturn

By the Numbers:

Commands Executed: 2 million

GB of Science Data Collected: 514 GB

Moons Discovered: 7

Cassini by the Numbers 2014
Updated 2016 version

Close Flybys of Saturn’ moons: 132

Nations participating: 26

Miles Traveled since arrival: 2 billion

Science Papers Published: 3,039

Orbits completed: 206

Images taken: 332,000

Engine Burns: 291

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