Four Images of Davy Crater Chain and Ptolemaeus Crater From 1300 Km

Four images of the Moon's surface, showing bright white streaks and patches.
July 9, 2018
Historical DateFebruary 20, 1965
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These four images were the first taken by the Ranger 8 P-series cameras. The images are ordered (clockwise from upper left) P3, P4, P2, P1. The P3 and P4 cameras had 6.3 degree fields of view (~135 km across) and show 164 diameter Ptolemaeus crater to the right and the Davy crater chain, a white line running SWW to NEE at left middle in P3 and lower left in P4. The P1 and P2 cameras had 2.1 degree fields of view (45 km across). P1 shows a close-up of the crater Davy Y at the upper right. Image P2 shows the area just east of P1. North is up for all images (Ranger 8, P001)