Gamma Ray Ghouls – “Galaxy of Horrors” poster (English)

Two astronauts are standing on an asteroid, watching a pair of neutron stars, or the cores of collapsed stars, collide in the distance. The result of the collision is bright, concentrated beams of light called gamma rays. The gamma ray bursts narrowly miss the astronauts as they shoot outward from the collision.
September 28, 2021
Historical DateSeptember 28, 2021
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In the depths of the universe, the cores of two collapsed stars violently merge to release a burst of the deadliest and most powerful form of light, known as gamma rays. These beams of doom are unleashed upon their unfortunate surroundings, shining a million trillion times brighter than the Sun for up to 30 terrifying seconds. No spaceship will shield you from the blinding destruction of the gamma ray ghouls!

You can download this poster in multiple sizes and formats at NASA’s exoplanets website here and learn more about the Galaxy of Horrors poster series here.