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How Gravity Warps Light

5 min read

Gravity is obviously pretty important. It holds your feet down to Earth so you don’t fly away into space, and (equally important) it keeps your ice cream from floating right out of your cone! We’ve learned a lot about gravity…

Article8 months ago

Gamma-Ray Bursts: Black Hole Birth Announcements

4 min read

Gamma-ray bursts are the brightest, most violent explosions in the universe, but they can be surprisingly tricky to detect. Our eyes can’t see them because they are tuned to just a limited portion of the types of light that exist,…

Article9 months ago

A Mesmerizing Model of Monster Black Holes

2 min read

Just about every galaxy the size of our Milky Way (or bigger) has a supermassive black hole at its center. These objects are ginormous – hundreds of thousands to billions of times the mass of the Sun! Now, we know…

Article10 months ago

What’s Made in a Thunderstorm and Faster Than Lightning? Gamma Rays!

3 min read

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has spotted gamma rays coming from thunderstorms.

Article11 months ago

Discovering the Universe Through the Constellation Orion

6 min read

Do you ever look up at the night sky and get lost in the stars? Maybe while you’re stargazing you spot some of your favorite constellations. But did you know there’s more to constellations than meets the eye? They’re not…

Article1 year ago

Decoding Nebulae

3 min read

We can agree that nebulae are some of the most majestic-looking objects in the universe. But what are they exactly?

Article3 years ago

Black Holes: Seeing the Invisible!

4 min read

Black holes are some of the most bizarre and fascinating objects in the cosmos. Astronomers want to study lots of them, but there’s one big problem – black holes are invisible! Since they don’t emit any light, it’s pretty tough…

Article3 years ago

Cosmic Piece of Pi

3 min read

What is pi? We’re not talking about your favorite pastry with yummy fillings and a side of ice cream. Pi can be written as the Greek letter 𝞹 or the number 3.14159…, which goes on and on because pi is…

Article3 years ago

The Lives, Times, and Deaths of Stars

4 min read

Who among us doesn’t covertly read tabloid headlines when we pass them by? But if you’re really looking for a dramatic story, you might want to redirect your attention from Hollywood’s stars to the real thing. From birth to death,…

Article3 years ago

Cosmic Couples and Devastating Breakups

4 min read

Relationships can be complicated – especially if you’re a pair of stars. Sometimes you start a downward spiral you just can’t get out of, eventually crash together, and set off an explosion that can be seen 130 million light-years away.…

Article4 years ago