Juno Spacecraft Paper Model

CreditThis model was designed in 2011 by John Jogerst and kindly made available to the Juno Project. The model was adapted for NASA distribution by David Doody at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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Spacecraft by nature are made of lightweight materials, so a paper model can be highly realistic if it copies key structural and visual design features. Once you assemble your model, you’ll know the Juno spacecraft very well indeed!

Juno Spacecraft Model

First, browse the Assembly Instructions. Then, if you decide to tackle the project, you can download the three Parts Sheets (Parts Sheet A has two sides) to print, cut out, and glue together, going through the instructions step by step.

You’ll need a color printer, some thick white paper (card stock), and a few other items, which are listed in the assembly instructions.

This detailed scale model is a construction project that is probably not appropriate for people younger than about ten years of age, depending largely on motivation and skill. Assembly requires several hours and great care.

Before starting you might wish to explore the Juno mission website and NASA’s Juno web pages, and browse detailed images of the spacecraft taken during preparations for launch. Learn about how missions like Juno operate, with JPL’s tutorial, Basics of Space Flight.