Rains of Terror – “Galaxy of Horrors” poster (English)

A poster done in the style of a vintage poster for a horror movie. Reading "Rains of Terror," it's death by a million cuts on this slasher planet. Jagged edges of glass can be seen battering a spacecraft on this alien world.
September 28, 2021
Historical DateSeptember 28, 2021
  • english

This far-off blue planet may look like a friendly haven – but don’t be deceived! Weather here is deadly. The planet’s cobalt blue color comes from a hazy, blow-torched atmosphere containing clouds laced with glass. Howling winds send the storming glass sideways at 5,400 mph (2km/s), whipping all in a sickening spiral. It’s death by a million cuts on this slasher planet!

You can download this poster in multiple sizes and formats at NASA’s exoplanets website here and learn more about the Galaxy of Horrors poster series here.