Engaging Hispanic Communities

Creating opportunities for Hispanic families to learn Earth/space science in community settings.

Photo of a man and child sitting at a control panel, the main is pointing at something on large screen.
NISE Network

Team Mission

Engaging Hispanic Communities creates opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx families to engage in authentic Earth and space learning in community settings, providing a foundation for lifelong learning—and in some cases, studies and careers—in STEM. SciAct team members are co-creating a suite of learning materials with Hispanic/Latinx families and subject matter experts that are designed to showcase authentic NASA science, data, and personnel in ways that are culturally sustaining and supported by evidence-based practices in bilingual and bicultural STEM engagement. Learning materials will be implemented by partners of the National Informal STEM Education Network. Related professional development resources will build the capacity of partner organizations across the country to build relationships with Hispanic/Latinx communities and support meaningful engagement in learning about Earth and space science.

We view this project and the process of co-creation as a piece of a larger whole. We’re committed to long-term relationships with local Latinx communities. It’s a huge opportunity to share NASA science and achieve mutual priorities.

What does your team hope to achieve?

We seek to build and strengthen relationships with Hispanic/Latinx communities; co-create engagement materials and experiences that make STEM relevant to these groups’ cultures and priorities; and work together as a community of practice to develop, evaluate, and share approaches to equitable partnerships and engagement.

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