NASA's Night Sky Network

Astronomy clubs bringing the wonders of the universe to the public

Conifer trees in a forest appear in darkened silhouette against the night sky, where the Milky Way is seen as a diagonal, pink-hued band of light with dark dust clouds.

What is the Night Sky Network?

The Night Sky Network is a nationwide coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing the science, technology, and inspiration of NASA's missions to the general public. We share our time and telescopes to provide you with unique astronomy experiences at science museums, observatories, classrooms, and under the real night sky.

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A stylized logo graphic showing silhouettes of an adult pointing toward the sky, while a child holding a telescope looks on.
The Night Sky Network connects you with others in your area to share in the wonder of astronomy.

Impacts of the Network

Our incredible collection of amateur astronomy clubs bring together the wonder of astronomy and the excitement of NASA missions to their local and regional communities.

- Since 2004, Night Sky Network member clubs have held more than 64,000 events.
- Collectively, our efforts have reached more than 6.9 million people.

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Outside a high school building, an adult man looks at the Sun through binoculars outfitted with a solar filter for safe viewing. About a dozen students are visible in the background.
Membership in the Night Sky Network enhances the public outreach astronomy clubs do. It encourages more club members to participate, and increases the confidence of those who do.
NASA/Bill Ingalls

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A child gazes into the eyepiece of a small telescope set up on a grassy lawn at night as an adult woman looks on. Other observers and telescopes are nearby.


After sunset, with oranges and pinks in the darkening sky, a young person appears in silhouette, looking through a telescope, pointed toward right. A group of adults, also in silhouette, are visible in the background.

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