NASA’s Eyes @ JPL

Enabling people of all ages to see the wonder of our Earth, solar system, & beyond.

Screenshot of Eyes@JPL application

Team Mission

Use and transform NASA's Eyes to assist other STEM Activation Teams in achieving their Missions and Goals while continuing to make "Eyes" more powerful, accurate, beautiful and accessible.

By allowing people to virtually explore along side of our missions, rather than telling them, we can engage in a deeper and more direct way, and appeal to their sense of wonder and discovery.  One hundred paragraphs of technical description cannot compare to "riding along" with Cassini as she dives between Saturn and the inner rings with all of the beautiful ring shadows as a backdrop, or with Curiosity, in real-time, as she landed on Mars. Now, let's utilize this compelling visualization capability into the highest quality educational tools that advanced education methodology can create.

Kevin Hussey

Kevin Hussey

What does your team hope to achieve?

To continue the development of the Eyes family of products to enable people of all ages to see with their own eyes and experience the wonder of the NASA missions that exist at Earth, throughout the entire solar system and beyond.

Of equal importance is the achievement of a long standing desire to use these compelling 3D-interactive visualization capabilities to help create primary and secondary school curriculum based on both the Common Core and Next Generation Science standards.

We are partnering with other STEM Activation teams to achieve this. We’re thrilled to be a part of cutting edge educational tool development.

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