Scientific Visualization Studio

Communicating the story of NASA Science & missions through scientific visualizations.

Grey map with blue and white lines indicating weather pattern movement

NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) creates images, movies, and other visual resources to communicate the story of NASA science and missions. The SVS curates the world’s largest repository of scientific visualizations. The SVS produces visualizations for specialized resources such as NASA’s Hyperwall, digital planetariums, NOAA’s Science on a Sphere, and virtual reality headsets. The Hyperwall is a large tiled display located on the Goddard Space Flight Center campus, with travelling versions that are sent to many major scientific conferences.

The pace of scientific discovery is accelerating, and the public is being flooded with new information. Visualization is perhaps the best way to make sense of this complexity and to appreciate the connectedness and beauty of our natural world.

Mark SubbaRao

Mark SubbaRao

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