Night Sky Network

May 9, 2017
Photograph of people with telescopes looking up at the sky

Team Mission

The Night Sky Network (NSN) is a nationwide coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing the science, technology, and inspiration of NASA science to their communities. NSN clubs share their time and telescopes to provide the public with unique astronomy experiences at science museums, observatories, classrooms, and under the real night sky. NSN serves as a vital communications and public engagement infrastructure resource for NASA.

What does your team hope to achieve?

The Night Sky Network keeps astronomy clubs arrest of the latest in NASA research, outreach, and education materials. Building on more than a decade of club support, we provide activities designed for use in astronomy club settings, offer webinars on the latest NASA science, and support club event planning with an extensive calendar of events across the country. The public is able to access these resources as well, linking individuals with their local astronomy clubs and offering a catalogue of outreach materials and archived webinars on a plethora of topics. We continue to increase our support and offerings to clubs dedicated to astronomy outreach, as well as connect them with NASA programs and missions.

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NSN amateur astronomers combine a passion for astronomy with a drive to share the night sky with their communities. These tireless volunteers bring their telescopes and activities out to thousands of schools, parks and sidewalks across the country. We are honored to support their work with relevant NASA materials. - Vivian White