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Interested in Becoming a NASA Citizen Scientist? Meet Us Virtually at CitSciCon

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Learn how you can help NASA conduct scientific research at CitSciCon, a virtual event with interactive activities taking place May 21 – 22, 2021.

Agency experts, project leaders, and experienced volunteers will come together to share the latest and greatest information regarding NASA-funded citizen science projects. Wondering which project is right for you? CitSciCon is a great way to find out! The free sessions are open to experienced, new, or aspiring citizen scientists.

NASA’s citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public, known as citizen scientists. Citizen scientists already use their phones, computers or tablets to share local observations or analyze NASA data to help scientists find new planets, ground-truth satellite data, track changes in weather and climate, and more. NASA-funded citizen science projects have engaged roughly 1.5 million volunteers and resulted in numerous scientific discoveries.

Funded by NASA, CitSciCon is organized by SciStarter, a citizen science hub, and the Citizen Science Association.

NASA citizen science project leads participating in CitSciCon include:

Additional speakers and hosts include:

  • Aries Keck, NASA HQ, Applied Sciences Program
  • Chris Lintott, University of Oxford, founder of Zooniverse
  • Darlene Cavalier, Arizona State University, SciStarter
  • Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute, chief astronomer and director of the Fels Planetarium
  • Doreen Thomas, NASA Headquarters intern coordinator
  • Esteban Morales, NASA recruitment lead
  • Jessica Taylor, NASA Langley Research Center, GLOBE Program lead trainer
  • Marc Kuchner, NASA Headquarters, NASA citizen science officer
  • Phil Plait, Astronomer and author
  • Stella Kafka, American Association of Variable Star Observers
  • Steven Crawford, NASA Headquarters, senior program executive for Scientific Data and Computing
  • Stinger Guala, NASA Headquarters, NASA Earth Science citizen science lead
  • Vivian White, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, NASA Night Sky Network

Registration is now open: https://scistarter.org/NASA

NASA’s Citizen Science Program:
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