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New Citizen Science Staff at NASA Headquarters

Collage of 3 portrait photos of women
Caption: Left to right: Ha-Hoa Hamano, Tahira Allen, and Dr. Lisa Carnell.Credit: NASA, Alan Rosa

We’re welcoming three new members of our NASA Headquarters citizen science team!

Ha-Hoa Hamana, Tahira Allen and Dr. Lisa Carnell will be working with scientists and NASA staff to bring you more citizen science news and opportunities.

Ha-Hoa Hamano (pronounced Ha-Hwa) has joined NASA HQ as a new Presidential Innovation Fellow. She’ll work on coordinating citizen science activities around the 2024 total solar eclipse. She comes to NASA from National Public Radio (NPR) where she was the Principal Product Manager of the NPR One Experience.

Tahira Allen is the new citizen science communications strategist, working to integrate citizen science with the rest of the agency’s communications. She joined the NASA family 3 years ago, leaving a supervisory role at Voice of America.

Dr. Lisa Carnell is the new citizen science lead for the Biological and Physical Sciences (BPS) division in the Science Mission Directorate. Lisa is also the Program Scientist for Translational Research for BPS, working to use the spaceflight environment to conduct experiments that also have benefit on Earth, and to help this research serve the public.

You can follow Ha-Hoa and Tahira on Twitter at @hahoais and @Tahiraselin.

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