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Workshop for Amateur Radio Operators Working to Advance Science

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Come join HamSCI, the Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation, at its fifth annual workshop! March 18-19, 2022 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. HamSCI is a community of amateur radio operators working together to advance science—now a member of the NASA citizen science community!

The HamSCI workshop brings together the amateur radio community and professional scientists to advance ionospheric, radio, and space science. This year’s theme is “The Weather Connection”! The program includes presentations and demonstrations from NASA’s heliophysics division, the NASA RadioJOVE project, and the HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station team. Invited speakers include Dr. Tamitha Skov speaking on “The Ionospheric Impacts of Space Weather and our Heightened Awareness of its Effects on Society”, Mr. Jim Bacon speaking on “Influences of Terrestrial Weather on Radio Propagation and the Ionosphere”, and Dr. Chen-Pang Yeang speaking on “Ham Radio and the Discovery of the Ionosphere”.

To join HamSCI, visit https://hamsci.org/. For more details on the workshop and the complete program, visit https://hamsci.org/hamsci2022. Registration for the in-person workshop is open now until March 7, 2022. Virtual participant registration will be available in early March.

HamSci is a citizen science program funded by NASA.

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