Tentative Autonomy Workshop Agenda

Updated: September 17, 2018


Wednesday, October 10
Location: Newell-Simon Hall, Room 3305

7:30 Registration/pre-meeting Networking  
8:15 Welcome/Introductions/Logistics Graham Mackintosh (BAERI/NASA)
8:25 Welcome to CMU David Wettergreen (CMU)
8:40 Message from NASA Leadership Thomas Zurbuchen (NASA)
9:00 NASA Programmatic Overview Michael Seablom (NASA)
9:10 Overview of Autonomy and AI Research at CMU Andrew Moore (CMU)
10:00 Keynote Speaker from Industry Gur Kimchi (Amazon)
11:00 Group Photo  
11:15 Design Reference Missions (DRMs) DRM Leads (5 minutes each)
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Autonomy Overview Terry Fong (NASA)
13:30 Autonomy in NASA - Past/Present/Future Rob Manning (NASA JPL)
14:30 Networking Break  
14:45 Panel: Engaging and Innovating Through Collaboration: NASA/Industry/Academia Jenn Gustetic (NASA) - moderator
15:45 Panel: Autonomy in the Wild: NASA/Industry/Academia Terry Fong (NASA) - moderator
16:45 Networking Break  
17:00 Student Lightning Talks  
17:10 Poster Session and Preprandial Drinks and Socialization  
18:30 Dinner  

Thursday, October 11
Location: Newell-Simon Hall, Room 3305

8:00 Welcome/recap/clarification of goals Michael Seablom (NASA)
8:30 Software Risk and Autonomy Phil Koopman (CMU)
9:30 Goals of DRM Breakout Discussions Florence Tan (NASA)
9:35 DRM Breakout Discussion  
12:00 Lunch  
12:45 DRM Breakout Discussion  
14:30 Networking Break  
14:50 DRM Groups Report Out (15 minutes each)  
15:50 Networking Break  
16:00 DRM Groups Report Out (15 minutes each)  
17:00 Closing Remarks Michael Seablom (NASA)
17:30 Drone Demo