NAC Earth Science Subcommittee

Upcoming Teleconference: August 12, 1 - 4 p.m. EDT
Dial in Number: (888) 324-7519
Participant Passcode: ESS Agenda: Earth Science Program's Annual Performance Appraisal and Rating on Fiscal Year 2010 Government Performance and Results Act Metrics
Byron D. Tapley
University of Texas, Austin - Center for Space Research
Lucia S. Tsaoussi
Exec. Secretary
NASA Headquarters - Science Mission Directorate: Earth Science Division
John R. Christy University of Alabama in Huntsville - Earth System Science Center
Judith Curry Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
James Hansen Goddard Institute of Space Studies
Raymond M. Hoff University of Maryland Baltimore County - Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology And Goddard Earth Science & Technology Cntr
Daniel Jacob Harvard University - Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Gregory S. Jenkins Howard University - Department of Physics & Astronomy
William Large National Center for Atmospheric Research - Oceanography Section
Patrick McCormick Hampton University - Center for Atmospheric Sciences
Anna M. Michalak The University of Michigan - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Department of Atmosperhic, Oceanic and Space Sciences
Jean-Bernard Minster University of California San Diego - Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics
Steve Running University of Montana - Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Science
Robert Schutz The University of Texas - Center for Space Research
Hank Shugart University of Virginia - Department of Environmental Sciences
David A. Siegel University of California, Santa Barbara - Department of Geography and Institute For Computational Earth System Science
Mark Simons California Institute of Technology - Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences
Konrad Steffen University of Colorado at Boulder - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science
Charles Vorosmarty University of New Hampshire - Institute of the Study of Earth, Oceans, & Space

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