Exoplanet Stories


Webb Study Reveals Rocky Planets Can Form in Extreme Environments

6 min read

An international team of astronomers has used NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to provide the first observation of water and other molecules in the highly irradiated inner, rocky-planet-forming regions of a disk in one of the most extreme environments in…


Discovery Alert: Watch the Synchronized Dance of a 6-Planet System

4 min read

Six "sub-Neptune" exoplanets orbit their star in a kind of rhythmic dance – one easily set to music.


NASA’s Hubble Measures the Size of the Nearest Transiting Earth-Sized Planet

3 min read

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has measured the size of the nearest Earth-sized exoplanet that passes across the face of a neighboring star. This alignment, called a transit, opens the door to follow-on studies to see what kind of atmosphere, if…