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NASA’s Repository Supports Research of Commercial Astronaut Health  

2 min read

NASA’s Open Science Data Repository provides valuable information to researchers studying the impact of space on the human body. Nearly three years after the Inspiration4 commercial crew launch, biological data from the mission represents the first comprehensive, open-access database to…

Article6 days ago
Hurricane Idalia as photographed by NASA's Terra satellite in August 2023. The swirling mass of the hurricane passes over some land masses and the ocean.

NASA, IBM Research to Release New AI Model for Weather, Climate

4 min read

By Jessica Barnett Working together, NASA and IBM Research have developed a new artificial intelligence model to support a variety of weather and climate applications. The new model – known as the Prithvi-weather-climate foundational model – uses artificial intelligence (AI)…

Article4 weeks ago
Lights brighten the night sky in this image of Europe

AI for Earth: How NASA’s Artificial Intelligence and Open Science Efforts Combat Climate Change

4 min read

As extreme weather events increase around the world due to climate change, the need for further research into our warming planet has increased as well. For NASA, climate research involves not only conducting studies of these events, but also empowering…

Article2 months ago
Sun blocked by Moon in total eclipse, with just the solar corona visible as a glow around the silhouetted Moon

Unveiling the Sun: NASA’s Open Data Approach to Solar Eclipse Research

3 min read

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, NASA is preparing for an extraordinary opportunity for scientific discovery, open collaboration, and public engagement. At the heart of the agency’s approach to this unusual event…

Article3 months ago