Glossary – H

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Utilizes waves that propagate throughout the Sun to measure, for the first time, the invisible internal structure and dynamics of a star.


The heliosphere is an area centered around the Sun over which the effect of the solar wind extends. The heliosphere extends beyond the orbit of Pluto.


Although physically located at the Goddard Space Flight Center, the headquarters Grants Administration Office (HGAO) supports the Science Mission Directorate's grant and cooperative agreement issuing process. The resource analysts in HGAO assemble the proposal and other documentation required for the Government to issue a grant or cooperative agreement, withdraw the funding from the appropriate NASA budget, and create a purchase request for the award. The resource analyst sends the complete award package with funding to a NASA procurement office.


Inner Heliospheric Sentinels

HQ Procurement Office at GSFC (Code 210.H)

The HQ Procurement Office, physically located at GSFC, issued grants and cooperative agreements for the space flight center and the science mission directorate through April 2006. The HQ procurement office is responsible for issuing annual funding continuations and closing out all awards that they initiated. 


Hubble Space Telescope


Hubble Extra Deep Field


The science that deals with global water (both liquid and solid), its properties, circulation, and distribution, on and under the Earth's surface and in the atmosphere through evapotranspiration or is discharged into oceans.