Supplemental Information

NASA Heliophysics has delivered supplemental information as input to the 2024 Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey Committee. The purpose of the deliveries is to provide the Decadal Survey Committee and its panels with programmatic context to inform their discussions and eventual recommendations. These documents contain high-level, non-exhaustive descriptions, and identify where NASA could provide additional information upon request.

The deliveries describe the current state of NASA Heliophysics’ programs, on-going work, and future plans. Some of the documents were promised by the Statement of Task package, some respond to findings and recommendations in the Decadal Survey Mid-term Assessment, and others contain programmatic information that recent decadal surveys suggest that the Committee may request or require.

Questions and Answers with the Decadal Survey


Supplemental Presentations

Documents, NASA Programs and Projects

Programs and Projects
Living with a Star Architecture Study
Space Weather
Citizen Science

Future deliveries to the Decadal Survey Committee will be posted on this page.

Please email Jared Leisner with any questions.

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