Space Weather Council

The Space Weather Council (SWC) is established as a means to secure the counsel of community experts across diverse areas, on matters relevant to space weather in support of the NASA Heliophysics Division (HPD). The SWC serves as a community-based, interdisciplinary forum for soliciting and coordinating community analysis and input and providing advice. It provides advice to the Heliophysics Advisory Committee (HPAC).



  • Michele Cash - NOAA/SWPC
  • Janet Green - Space Hazards Applications, LLC
  • Alexa Halford - NASA/GSFC
  • Piyush Mehta - West Virginia University 
  • Paul O'Brien - The Aerospace Corporation 
  • Chair Pro Tempore Angelos Vourlidas - JHUAPL 
  • Daniel Baker - University of Colorado 
  • Joachim (Jimmy) Raeder - University of New Hampshire 
  • Valeriy Tenishev - University of Michigan 
  • Ronald Turner - Analytic Services Inc
  • Sage Andorka - USSF


Space Weather Council Documents

August 2022

March 2022