Diane Fisher

Technical editor and graphic artist

A life-long generalist and professional dabbler, Diane Fisher has been a space program groupie since the Apollo Program. Working at Kennedy Space Center in McDonnell-Douglas' Project Engineering Office, she supported the testing and preparation of the S-IVB stage of the Saturn V launch vehicles for Apollos 15, 16, 17 and Skylabs I and II. She witnessed six Saturn V launches while standing on the ground in front of the 400+-foot-tall high-bay doors of KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building (3 miles from the pad), so the rest of her career has been rather quiet by comparison.

Diane Fisher

In her 21 years at JPL, she has written user and other support documentation for ground-based telemetry and command operations applications; has designed and developed (including researching and writing content) many JPL-internal and public web sites. She authored The Basics of Radio Astronomy Workbook, launching her switch from software documentation into science and technology writing and web site design for public outreach. She is the designer, content developer, and webmaster of The Space Place, NASA/JPL's award-winning web site for children, which offers fun activities and amazing facts related to space science and technology and specific NASA missions.

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