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Learning and Educational Activities and Resources from NASA Science

Browse the links below to discover ready-to-use activities and resources that are geared towards Astro-101 and introductory space science classes at community colleges.

And if you are a community college instructor (CCI), or a NASA subject matter expert (SME) don’t forget to join the NASA Community College Network (NCCN) to get access to a comprehensive database of free resources! Community college instructors also have the option to join NCCN as a participant, gaining access to webinars, professional development and one-to-one engagement with NASA experts! Register here

Authentic Data and Scientific Practices

Generate an understanding of the scientific method with real datasets and data driven visualizations

  • NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Data in the Classroom. In this hands-on lab students observe sunspots and solar flares, create movies using real data, generate and test a hypothesis about solar activity, and collaborate to present their results.
  • Observing with NASA: Control your OWN telescope using the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network. Operate real, ground-based through this website and participate in Astrophoto challenges!
  • NASA's Science Visualization Studio provides visualizations, animations, and images to support student understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at NASA and within the academic research community supported by NASA.

Engaging Stories from Current Missions

Bring the stories behind the headlines to life with the most up to date imagery and analysis from NASA missions

  • AstroPix offers access to the public image galleries of many of the leading astronomical observatories under a single unified interface. Assets will include a full range of astronomical observations, artwork, and charts spanning the field of astronomy—including the new JWST!
  • The Mars Dashboard from the Mars Exploration Program provides a continuous flow of scientific information and discovery through a carefully selected series of robotic orbiters, landers and mobile laboratories.
  • NASA Exoplanet Site Dashboard provides the latest data from NASA's Exoplanet Archive

Scientists as Role Models

Make space exciting and inclusive for all students, with these inspiring resources on women in STEM and multicultural astronomy

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