Swift Stories

illustration of NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory in space.

NASA’s Swift Resumes Science Operations

2 min read

NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory resumed science observations April 3 following a successful software update that enables the spacecraft to function using only two gyroscopes (gyros). Swift entered safe mode March 15 after experiencing degrading performance from one of its…

Article3 months ago

How NASA Chases and Investigates Bright Cosmic Blips

9 min read

Stephen Lesage’s phone started vibrating just after halftime on Oct. 9, 2022, while he was watching a soccer game in Atlanta with a friend. When Lesage saw the incoming messages, the match no longer seemed important. There had been a…

Article5 months ago

NASA’s Webb Makes First Detection of Heavy Element From Star Merger

6 min read

Webb’s study of the second-brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen reveals tellurium. A team of scientists has used multiple space and ground-based telescopes, including NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, and NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, to…

Article8 months ago