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NASA Science Missions

Image of a gloved hand and normal hand exchanging a colorful chip; text reads 3D tissue chips advanced biomedical research

Developing tissue chips that can be used for modeling of acute and/or chronic exposures for 6... View Mission

ACME mission

Advancing combustion technology via fundamental microgravity/Improving efficiency and reducing... View Mission

Photo of plants growing in a controlled environment

APH is the largest, fully automated plant growth research facility that is used to conduct plant... View Mission

Image of the earth on the left with the sun in the far distance and the moon on the right. Overlaying text reads: Biological Experiment-01 and Studying how life responds to conditions beyond low-Earth orbit.

Studying how life responds to conditions beyond low Earth orbit; the effects of deep space... View Mission

Two square rings connected by a microchip with red laser images shooting out; text reads Cold Atom Lab studying quantum phenomena in ways that aren't possible on Earth

The Cold Atom Laboratory makes use of the ISS's microgravity environment to study quantum... View Mission

Image of the earth in the center of a square with text going around the edge that reads Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiment

FBCE aims to develop an integrated two-phase flow boiling/condensation facility for the... View Mission

Square image with a bright pink lines similar to a snowflake patter and the title FLARE above

To develop a methodology to correlate material flammability limits in normal gravity and... View Mission

Gold metallic and white colored microscope attached to a rectangular red and white backing.  Text reads LMM - Light Microscopy Module

LLM was a modified commercial, highly flexible, state-of-the-art light imaging microscope... View Mission


SoFIE operates as a facility aboard the International Space Station and will support... View Mission