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Composite of an hourglass, the universe in the top bulb, flowing into an Earth scene below. A deep star field fades into the Carina Nebula below, made up of orange, yellow, gold dust. As the dust sifts through the neck, it becomes stars of the Milky Way, with a full moon, clouds, and a soaring eagle in the distance. The sun sets behind jagged mountains breaking through a lush forest at the center of an island. Water, splashing up both sides of the bulb, is teeming with life underneath the surface.

NASA Science Planning Guides

This is a collection of NASA Science Planning Guides in the format of a calendar you download and print.

Earth Day Posters and Virtual Backgrounds

This is a collection of illustrated posters and virtual backgrounds in NASA's annual celebration of Earth Day. 

Science Explorers Poster Series

Download our explorers series posters and virtual backgrounds.