Earth Poster and Virtual Backgrounds

An artist’s concept featuring a colorful, sphere-like wreath composed of lush green trees, vines, flowers, and various plants and wildlife. The sphere floats in space with flower-petals and leaves drifting around like stars in the sky. In the center, an astronaut in an orange flight suit leads a little girl though a grassy clearing. The astronaut serves as a visual metaphor for NASA, leading the next generation of explores to discover the world around them. The Artemis 1 launch is reflected in the astronaut’s helmet. The little girl, who wears a yellow NASA shirt, looks around in amazement at the beauty surrounding her. She gazes at a couple of orange monarch butterflies, who perch on flowers nearby.  A fox looks on from under a tree, and birds watch from surrounding branches. A distant landscape can be seen beyond the clearing, with grassy fields and a hazy mountain range. An eclipse appears in the sky, alluding to the annular eclipse in October of 2023.

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