Moon Poster and Virtual Backgrounds

An artist’s concept, composed of cool blues and pale mauve highlights, depicting an Artemis Astronaut standing in a crater at the Moon’s south pole. The scene is surrounded by a spherical frame, which resembles the Moon on the outside, and the crater walls on the inside. At bottom, the frame is chipped away to reveal frozen water underneath the surface. The astronaut stands in the center foreground, facing forward, and is backlit by the Sun, which casts long dark shadows across the ground. The surface texture is a combination of illustrative and real imagery captured by the Apollo missions. The astronaut holds a rock hammer in their right hand, with a sample storage container on the ground. The Artemis 1 launch can be seen reflected in the helmet’s visor. In the background, a Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) lander sits at left, and NASA’s Viper Rover on the right. In the sky above, a blue swirling spiral trajectory follows the Orion spacecraft as it travels from Earth to the Moon. The trajectory continues beyond Orion to a glowing red star high above, representing Mars. The Milly Way can be seen in the distance and the spherical scene is surrounded by space and stars.

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