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An Out of This World Research Lab Poster
Dec 4, 2017
Every now and then when the sun sets, a bright light appears on the western horizon. Gliding silently overhead, it is the biggest spacecraft ever built by humankind, the International Space Station (ISS), carrying a precious cargo of astronauts around Earth.   But the ISS is more than just a... Read More
Nov 15, 2015
The human body is incredibly complex. Every part of us—from our bones to our blood cells—is subject to a host of chemical reactions and molecular interactions that, without our conscious effort, keep us alive. But what happens to these processes when we leave the planet?
The Omics of Space Travel Poster
Oct 31, 2015
When the Space Age began, there was no such thing as a “graphical user interface.”  Astronauts interacted with their electronics using only knobs and toggle switches. It was a different time. Fast forward to 2015.
Using a Tablet Computer Poster
Jul 10, 2015
Astronauts on the International Space Station give up many pleasures to take those giant leaps in the name of science. They leave behind fresh vegetables, relaxing hot showers, warm sunshine, gently misting rain, and much more. One of the things astronauts say they miss most is a good cup of... Read More
Space Coffee Poster
May 23, 2015
May 23, 2015: Humans have long been fascinated by the cosmos. Ancient cave paintings show that we've been thinking about space for much of the history of our species.  The popularity of recent sci-fi movies suggest that the human mind just might be coming to grips with theharsh... Read More