Collage of Solar System poster set featuring planets
Young students looking at a robotic project
Closeup of hands making a Juno model out of popsicle sticks and foil connected in a 3-pronged model

Planetary Science Resources

Mission and Planet Packages

Links to videos, activities, printable graphics, and more, curated for the planets and missions below.

Jupiter against black background of space


artist's illustration of Lucy and asteroids

Lucy Mission

The pale gray of Europa is seen against the blackness of space.

Ocean Worlds

An artistic visualization of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft hovering above the surface of Asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft is silver, shiny with two wings on the top and a long extension from the bottom.

OSIRIS-REx Mission

This Cassini image from 2012 shows Titan and its host planet Saturn. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

Saturn and Titan

For Researchers

Pages tailored for planetary science researchers.

illustration of hikers going up a rocky ledge to the left with solar system planets represented large in an arc across the sky

Resources for Researchers

A variety of planetary science resources and references of use to both new PIs and those who have been through the process before. 

This image shows an upstream view of the 13 IDE microprobe setup showing the 7-element silicon drift detector/x-ray fluorescence detector, sample stages and mount, optical microscope, KB-Mirror focusing enclosure, and ion chamber and filter box.

Research Facilities

A collection of planetary science enabling facilities, and additional facilities supported by Research and Analysis and other programs in PSD.

Solar System

Science Nuggets

Online form to submit PSD Science Nuggets.

A beautiful graphic showing the Universe and the Earth inside an hourglass

Science Mission Directorate

Information for researchers who use NASA science data and plan to propose or have submitted a proposal to an SMD research solicitation.

For Students (K-12)

Videos, games, and more fun ways to learn about planetary science.

Young students looking at a robotic project

Space to Learn

STEM lessons, games, and activities that combine them.

NASA Space Place logo that includes a cartoon illustrated Earth with a rocket flying over it and the text NASA Space Place and url

Space Place: Solar System

Explore activities, videos, and more while learning about our solar system.

Internships and Undergrad Opportunities

Internships, NASA programs and other opportunities for undergraduate students.

Six young adults standing for a posed photo on a balcony at KSC overlooking the VAB


Find opportunities for internships at NASA centers across the country.

Here to Observe program logo shows an artistic rendering of a planet with a magnifying glass in orbit around it, yellow drawing on black background. There are yellow stars and black text: Here to Observe, with blue text below: NASA PSD.

Here to Observe (H2O)

Here to Observe (H2O) offers 5-year awards to competitively selected institutions for programs that give undergraduate students the opportunity to observe and interact with NASA Planetary Science Division teams.

Mission identifier with stylized blue ice crystal over mission name

ICONS Internships

The Inspiring Clipper: Opportunities for Next-generation Scientists (ICONS) internships connect the Europa Clipper mission team with undergraduate students for 10-week programs to conduct original scientific research.

diamond-shaped Lucy mission identifier


A free, online program for undergraduate STEM students interested in a career with NASA or other space organizations. 

Doing Science

Some of the ways to get involved with NASA planetary science.

Vortices identified by Jovian Vortex Hunter volunteers.

PSD Citizen Science

Opportunities for the public to contribute to professional planetary science.

International Observe the Moon Night

People worldwide learn about lunar science and share their Moon observations in this annual event.

Stars in the night sky over a darkened Earth landscape.


Tips and resources for observing the night sky.

Solar System Ambassadors logo in blue and red with abstract planets and jets flying left to right

Solar System Ambassadors

Volunteers across the nation share NASA science in their communities.


NASA posters, coloring pages, calendars.

This stylized illustration, created for the 2024 total solar eclipse, shows Earth’s Moon blocking the Sun from view and revealing the Sun’s corona, or outermost atmosphere. The Sun’s magnetic field affects charged particles in the corona, causing elaborate streamers and plumes that are depicted in this artist’s interpretation.

Poster: 2024 Solar Eclipse

Solar System Poster Set

Posters: Solar System Worlds

NeoWise Mission Poster

Posters: Solar System Missions

Illustration of astronaut repelling down the side of Valles Marineris.

Posters: Mars Explorers Wanted

Grand Tour Travel Poster

Posters: "Visions of the Future"

Astrobiology Graphic Novels

Rovers of the Solar System Coloring Sheet

NASA Coloring Pages

An artist’s concept of a landscape, composed of dusky purples, oranges, golds, and greens. In the left foreground, a young woman wearing a white dress basks in the rays of a solar eclipse. She stands under a bright orange fall tree rooted to the side of a rocky mountain trail. The scene overlooks a valley with a river running through the middle towards distant hazy blue mountains. Nocturnal animals – including a fox, owl, possum, and bat – emerge to investigate the sudden onset of night. A deer stands on a grassy knoll at right in front of a line of fall colored trees. The Milky Way trails across the sky, leading up from the young woman to the eclipse and glittering stars at top right. Two hot air balloons float in the distance. This concept was created in celebration of the Heliophysics Big Year, which is bookended by the Annular Eclipse in October of 2023 and the Total Solar Eclipse in April of 2024.

NASA Science Calendars

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