55 Cancri e 3D Model

May 1, 2019
CreditNASA Visualization Technology Applications and Development (VTAD)
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55 Cancri e is a super Earth exoplanet that orbits a G-type star. Its mass is 8.08 Earths, it takes 0.7 days to complete one orbit of its star, and is 0.01544 AU from its star. Its discovery was announced in 2004.

55 Cancri e is also part of the Exoplanet Travel Bureau's 360-degree visualization tool, which enables you to take a virtual tour of what the planet's surface might look like, based on the limited data available (no photos of the planet exist). Seen as a massive fiery orb on the horizon, the planet's star is 65 times closer to 55 Cancri e than the Sun is to Earth. On the planet's cooler nightside, silicate vapor in the atmosphere may condense into sparkling clouds that reflect the lava below.