First View of Earth From the Moon and Oblique View of the Lunar Surface

View of Earth over the Moon's horizon. Image looks high-contrast and vintage.
Historical DateAugust 23, 1966
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Lunar Orbiter 1 new of the Moon and crescent Earth. This is the first good image of the Earth taken from the vicinity of the Moon, 380,000 km away. The Earth sunset terminator runs through Odessa, Istanbul, and slightly west of Capetown. The center of the lunar surface corresponds to the location of the crater Pasteur, just on the eastern farside at 10 S,105 E, but the high sun angle makes it hard to see the craters. The horizon covers about 550 km, and north is to the right in this west facing image. (Lunar Orbiter 1, frame 102; H1, H2, and H3)