Habitable Zones Compared to the Size of the Hosting Star

October 9, 2021
  • english

Audience: 4th Grade and older.


This slide explains and illustrates what a "habitable zone" is, and how it would change based on the size of the host star.

User's notes: The represented Scale of Sun and planets are greatly exaggerated. Depending on its size, a star can be "whiter" or "redder" - as it was approximately reflected in this slide. However, the exact color of each of the three sizes of star in these slides is not accurate; the focus of these slides is to explain the "Habitable Zone" and how it changes based on the size of the hosting star.

NOTE: This PowerPoint file has built-in interactive elements. To view them, you must be in "Slide Show" mode; you can then move to the next view either by clicking your mouse, the spacebar, or the arrow keys. This slide will not work in "regular viewing mode."