Illustrator Files

This image shows five different art files that can be downloaded. In the upper left is the “Rocket Launch” scene. Here there is a purple background with lighter purple mountains and light purple clouds. To the right of center is a red rocket ship standing upright. It has a blue nose cone, light blue porthole and orange fins. There is a purple staircase leading up to the rocket’s door and an orange sign with no text next to the stairs. In the upper right is the “Traveler’s Bedroom.” This is also on a dark purple background with a pendant light hanging from the top of the image, bathing a triangle of the room in yellow light. In the center is the Traveler’s bed with a colorful quilt of yellows and blues. Their suitcase is lying open on the bed. To the left of the bed is a tall green plant, and to the right is a tall purple dresser. There are bright orange and blue rectangles on the wall. On the left in the middle row is an image with the “Baby and Supermassive Black Holes.” This image depicts cartoon characters. The baby black hole is a black circle wearing a white, scalloped bonnet. It is shown in two poses, one has the baby black hole looking ahead with a pacifier in its mouth, and the second it is crying with its eyes shut tightly and its mouth wide open. On the right is the supermassive black hole character. It is a black circle with muscly arms and a dumbbell in one hand. The image on the right in the middle row shows “Other Things.” This image has a number of additional items from the Traveler’s world including a vacuum, unicorn, rocket, suitcase, rainbow, tools, safe and unsafe icons, and a space potato. Finally on the bottom is an image of the “Traveler and Black Hole.” Against a purple background stands a smiling blue cartoon figure shaped like a round-topped cylinder with one eye and an antenna. They are wearing a bubble-shaped helmet, green space suit, and a baseball cap with a black hole figure. In one hand is a book on black holes and in the other is a flag that says “I heart black holes.” Next to them is a suitcase adorned with a few illegible stickers. Next to them is a cartoon black hole with narrowed eyes and a raised eyebrow. Each image has a label below it with text describing the image.
Download vector art for some of the most popular characters and locations in our Black Hole Week world.
April 12, 2023
CreditNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Historical DateFebruary 28, 2022
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Download vector art for some of the most popular characters and locations in our Black Hole Week world.