Black Hole Week!

Join us again next year (May 5-9) for another week of black hole exploration.


Black Hole Week is always held in early May.

Black Hole Week started in 2019.

Lots of goodies to view and download.

Because everyone loves these balls of gravity.

Black Hole Week 2024

  • That’s a wrap! 

    Thanks for joining us for Black Hole Week 2024! We hope you had fun and learned something new about these weird balls of gravity. Hope you see you back at the event horizon for Black Hole Week 2025 (May 5-9). In the meantime, keep up with black hole news by following us on X, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Monday, May 6

    Welcome to the event horizon! Let’s get close to one and see what it would look like.


  • Tuesday, May 7

    All black holes have an event horizon, and the object’s mass defines the size of the horizon. Learn about black holes of all sizes, big and small. 


  • Wednesday, May 8

    Even though light can’t escape once it’s inside the event horizon, we can still detect black holes by monitoring their effects on their surroundings. Follow along to find out more.


  • Thursday, May 9

    Very close to the event horizon, things can get weird! Jets of material can be accelerated away from the area and stars can get torn apart. 


  • Friday, May 10

    Being so close to the event horizon can be disorienting, so let’s wrap up with a recap. Here’s hoping no one fell in! 


Black holes are one of our favorite cosmic objects

So we created Black Hole Week to celebrate them.

Throughout the week, science communicators from across the globe will be sharing news, videos, and social media posts about black holes. Our goal is that no matter where people turn that week, they’ll run into a black hole. (Figuratively, of course — we don’t want anyone falling in!)

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Get Ready!

Did you know a black hole is not a hole?

Have you studied up on the different types of black holes? Don’t worry, there’s still time to prepare for Black Hole Week!

Cartoon image of a booklet called, "A Field Guide to Black Holes"
This handy dandy field guide covers basic black hole anatomy, how to find black holes, as well as different black hole types! Never go to space without it!

First Tip: Don't Visit Black Holes!

But if you must, read our safety guide.

Learn more about black holes, how to find them, and how to stay safe on your travels!

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Cartoon postcard for an imagined trip to a black hole
Why would you visit a black hole? No, seriously, why would you? It's dangerous! This postcard will help remind all your friends of your memorable trip—and why they might not want to go themselves. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
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