The Big Event, 2024

May 6-10, 2024

Thanks for getting pulled into Black Hole Week with us! Check out the stories, images, and news we released during the week, listed below. And join us again next year, May 5-9.

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Monday, May 6

Square movie poster

Poster: On the Brink

It can be disorienting teetering on the edge of the event horizon, contemplating the darkness that surely lies within.

A massive spiral galaxy fills the image. A bright, yellow galactic core glows at the center, surrounded by spiral arms studded with pink stars and dark lanes of dust.

Image: Galaxy with a Voracious Black Hole

Bright, starry spiral arms surround an active galactic center in this new Hubble image of galaxy NGC 4951.

Approaching an accreting black hole

Article: New NASA Black Hole Viz Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink

Ever wonder what happens when you fall into a black hole? A new NASA visualization gives you an idea.

Video: NASA Simulation’s Flight Around a Black Hole: Explained

Explore a scenario where a camera just misses a black hole's event horizon and slingshots back out

360 Video: NASA Simulation Shows a Flight Around a Black Hole

This 360-degree video lets viewers look all around during a trip around a black hole.

Resources: Black Hole Plunge and Flyby Videos

Browse explainer, 360, and Mollweide projection versions of black hole plunge and flyby videos.

Tuesday, May 7

An artist rendition of primordial black holes, this depicts a black background with many small black holes in an orange-red color.

Article: How NASA’s Roman Will Hunt for Primordial Black Holes

A group of scientists has predicted that Roman could find a class of elusive “featherweight” black holes.

Resources: Primordial Black Holes

Access an infographic about and an artist's concept of primordial black holes.

NASA's Sounds of Space Quiz

Test your sonification knowledge by matching sound to image in this quiz.

Wednesday, May 8

A XRISM spectrum of NGC 4151 with a multiwavelength snapshot of the galaxy in the background.

Article: XRISM Spots Iron Fingerprints in Nearby Active Galaxy

After starting science operations in February, Japan-led XRISM studied the monster black hole at the center of galaxy NGC 4151.

Video: What Is a Black Hole?

Black holes — what are they really? Watch the first episode of the “Astro-Investigates” series.

Wallpapers: Black Hole Backgrounds for Desktop and Phone

Black holes can’t emit their own light, but matter around them can create quite a light show. Download these wallpapers for your screens.

Thursday, May 9

Desktop wallpaper with a cartoon black hole

Wallpapers: Mesmerizing Black Hole

This black hole just wants to be left alone, but they’ll keep an eye on your docs and apps if you ask nicely. Available for desktops and smartphones.

Article: NASA's Chandra Notices the Galactic Center is Venting

Using Chandra, astronomers located an exhaust vent attached to a “chimney” of hot gas blowing away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Article: Images Help Explain Eating Habits of Massive Black Hole

In images from NASA’s retired Spitzer, streams of dust thousands of light-years long flow toward the heart of the Andromeda galaxy.

Friday, May 10

Video: NASA Simulation’s Plunge Into a Black Hole: Explained

This new, immersive visualization produced on a NASA supercomputer represents a scenario where a camera enters the event horizon, sealing its fate.

360 Video: NASA Simulation Plunges Into a Black Hole

This 360-degree video lets viewers look all around during a one-way trip into a black hole.

Resource: Tracking a Simulated Plunge into a Black Hole

This page contains selected stills with interesting details from a visualization of a plunge into a black hole produced on a NASA supercomputer.

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