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The world of Black Hole Week is bold, colorful, and a bit retro. It's also populated by a fun bunch of characters, including a little blue explorer (called The Traveler) and their black hole friends.

Below, you'll find links to tons of helpful images, GIFs, and other materials to get you going if you want to join in!

Text Treatment

While we could just write out "Black Hole Week," we decided it would be more fun to make the "o" a black hole. Fun fact: If you squished the mass of Mars into a sphere the size of that "o," it would turn into a black hole!

Black Hole Week logo in five different color variations

Color Palette

The colors we use are meant to be friendly, accessible, and bright — even though most of our adventures take place in outer space! Our primary colors are blues, purples, and oranges, with a few wild card accent colors thrown in for good measure. Finally, since our black holes are, well, black, we usually depict outer space as a dark or medium purple.

  • Blues (#2c7189, #269cdd, #3eb1ff, #57cdf7, #94d9f7)
  • Purples (#2b2143, #6868af, #a3a3e5)
  • Oranges (#ff900b, #dbac61, #f9d793)
  • Neutrals (#000, #afafaf, #fff)
  • Accents (#9aea83, #f27a66, #41e6da)
Black Hole Week color palette, which includes various shades of blue, purple, as well as some other fun, bright colors


To evoke a bold, retro feel, we have used Futura PT Bold as our primary font, but any similar font you have on hand will work. Also, we'll often write in all caps or small caps for headings and large labels.

For smaller labels, footnotes, and other special cases that call for something lighter or more organic, Coniferous is our alternate font.

Black Hole Week graphic with numbers showing where and how fonts are used.
Fonts enumerated in graphic: (1) Futura PT Bold (2) Coniferous

Traveler and Friends

The world of Black Hole Week is populated by a fun bunch of characters, including a little blue explorer (called the Traveler) and their cosmic friends. Below is a list of key assets. Be sure to browse all Black Hole Week resources to access loads of fun graphics, animations, videos and more.

The Traveler

This little character can't wait to travel all over the universe, and since they clearly can't be convinced otherwise, we need to help them stay safe. This character is defined by boundless enthusiasm, a bit of naivete, and a childlike love of exploration and discovery. Their pronouns are "they/them."

The Black Hole

Honestly, all this black hole wants is to be left alone. But, if that's not possible, it at least hopes that any visitors can keep a safe distance. This character is aloof and a bit too cool for the rest of us, but it's ultimately friendly and willing to help people learn more about black holes.

Stellar-mass Black Hole Birds

These little black hole birds are a fun-loving bunch! They're happy to either flit about by themselves or grab a nearby friend for an orbital dance. They also love showing off their plumage in the form of accretion disks or jets.

Other Black Hole Friends

An unlikely pair, the baby (stellar-mass) and supermassive black holes enjoy just doing what they do best. For the supermassive black hole, it's being, erm, super massive. The baby loves crying.

Other Stuff

From rocket ships and galaxies, to space potatoes and unicorns, there's a lot of other stuff out there in the universe of the Traveler and Black Hole Week!

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