Image of the “super-Jupiter” Kappa Andromedae b

Image of the "super-Jupiter" Kappa Andromedae b
November 19, 2012
CreditNOAJ/Subaru/J. Carson, College of Charleston
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This false-color near-infrared image has been processed to remove most of the scattered light from the star Kappa Andromedae (masked out at center). The "super-Jupiter" companion, Kappa Andromedae b (upper left), lies at a projected distance of about 55 times the average distance between Earth and the sun and about 1.8 times farther than Neptune, whose orbit is shown for comparison (dashed circle). The white region marking the companion indicates a signal present in all near-infrared wavelengths, while colored blobs represent residual noise. The Subaru Telescope in Hawaii captured the image in July.